Thanks for the article - pointed me in the right direction, however, I think only this policy directive is needed since the error is just for "codestar-connections":

{  "Action": [    "codestar-connections:UseConnection"  ],  "Resource": "*",  "Effect": "Allow"}

Python is a dynamically typed language, which means we do not define the type of an object, but that doesn’t mean we can’t declare types as a form of annotation for the sake of documenting our code. The Python docs refer to this as “Type Hints”. See the docs here.

My motivation for writing this article on Medium is to have a place to articulate my thoughts regarding the things I rudely jotted down in the title and do so on a shareable medium — no pun intended. …

In this article I’ve put together some code samples of the Haversine formula in JS, Ruby, and SQL.

First, let me provide an explanation for the formula known as the Haversine Formula.

Haversine allows you to calculate the distance between two sets of coordinates on a sphere — which is considerably different than calculating distances on a flat plane: Flat Earth folks will be…

The verse of the day from the YouVersion Bible app ( for today September 11, 2019 says:

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.”Proverbs 18:10 (New King James)

Now, raise your hand if you know “the name of…

“Creative Commons New crops-Chicago urban farm” by Linda is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Growing up in a smallish town on the verge of assimilation into a larger metro area, I was exposed to two distinctly different lifestyles; the simple life of classic country living, and the fast-paced hustle and bustle of urban America. As a thirty-something millennial yearning for peace and quiet I…

I’ve been working with the eBay API since my time at a small Chicago startup a few years back. In fact, it was working at this particular startup with a lot of people far smarter than myself that pushed me in the direction of web development, nearly mid career. I…

I most often use JetBrains Webstorm when creating Node.js projects.

Recently I was tasked with a project to create a feed of products on our website from our Magento 1.x instance. If you’re reading this, it’s assumed that you already know what Magento is, but perhaps I’ll edit this later on to cater to those who may not. The Magento…

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Software Developer / Data Scientist / Follower of Jesus Christ

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