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  • Jaclyn Weiser

    Jaclyn Weiser

    Director of Machine Learning & Research at Crisis Text Line

  • Harpreet Sahota

    Harpreet Sahota

    Escaping competition through authenticity. DevRel @ Pachyderm🐘 Host: The Artists of Data Science podcast 🎙️Philosopher 📚 Data Scientist 🤖 MLOps👨🏽‍💻

  • Daniel Okwufulueze

    Daniel Okwufulueze

    🇳🇬 Nigerian; Technology Leader & Mentor; Blockchain Enthusiast & Developer; Agnostic. For pastime, I read, write, swim, play musical instruments, and think.

  • mlearnere


    learning like the machines

  • Benedikt Schifferer

    Benedikt Schifferer

    Benedikt Schifferer is a Deep Learning Engineer at NVIDIA working on recommender systems. Prior, he graduated as MSc. Data Science from Columbia University

  • Chase Roberts

    Chase Roberts

    Machine learning researcher in the making. http://thenerdstation.github.io/

  • Varoon Ravi

    Varoon Ravi

    Wanderer, in the eternal space of knowledge

  • Nicolas Vandeput

    Nicolas Vandeput

    Consultant, Trainer, Author: 📙Data Science & Forecasting, 📘Inventory Optimization linkedin.com/in/vandeputnicolas 👍Tip: hold down the Clap icon for up x50

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