This was an interesting read, and I do thank you for the time and effort put into it. 🙂
Regarding blood offerings for sun - Leviticus 8:14 - A bull is offered, as is it’s blood, as a sin offering for the Aaronic priesthood. Before the High priest could handle the offerings of the people, they first had to make offerings for themselves.

Regarding the keeping of the commands of God, Leviticus 18:4-5 - HaShem says “You are to perform my judgements and statutes, to live in accord with them” and also “if a person follows them, then they will live by them”

I find myself wanting to reject labels at this very moment, and so I will not tell you “what” I am, but I will tell you this much - I am one who could not follow the things commanded. I am one who made mistakes along the way. God stretched His hands out to a disobedient people - Isaiah 65:2 and allowed Himself to be sought by a “no”-people. The goyim.

This man the world and Judaism rejects was one of their own. A man in the flesh, a Jew by birth.

The blood of bulls and goats, the prayers and liturgy on Yom Kippir, none of these things take away permanently the flaws inherent to humanity. The sin. The Messiah was purported to be one to come and take away the sins - HaShem says this as much to us in the Tanakh. Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ - was that vessel, the offering, once and for all for the sins of the entire world. Not just you and me. Jew and Gentile alike. The choice is there - the ones called will listen and hear. May He bless you and may I see you there 🙂


Devops / Software / Data Engineer / Follower of Jesus Christ

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Abe Flansburg

Abe Flansburg


Devops / Software / Data Engineer / Follower of Jesus Christ